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At Oplox, we are proud to be at the vanguard of the data revolution. To carry us further, we are looking for an experienced and knowledgeable Technical Project Lead to join our team.
A Technical Project Lead that we are looking for is someone who can be both a Tech Guru and a leader who can inspire a team. As he or she will be instrumental in the planning and management of both IT and IT-related projects, they will be required to have a high level of technical expertise as well as organizational skill, leadership qualities, and effective communication flare.

Who We Are

Oplox Tech (Pvt) Ltd. Is a new emergent in the Information Technology domain that is taking the market by storm. Our mission is to bring empowerment to the Pakistani Software Community by bringing groundbreaking innovation to the software domain.
We do not have employees, we have mission partners, our Oplox Family. We believe in diversity of thought, and we stand out from others by letting our Oplox family be all that they can be!!!

About the Position

Technical Project Lead will use their awesome skills to plan, organize, budget, execute specific project goals. You will be expected to allocate resources, define timelines, ensure work completion and coordinate between departments. These duties will include all aspects of Web development and managing development project.
As a Technical Project Lead, you may be required to work with our Oplox family members business data analytics, web development, service management, information security, software development.

Job Description

1. Communicate with all relevant stakeholders related to the Project.
2. Assist in definition of Project Scope & Project Deliverables.
3. Define Project Objectives & Work Timelines.
4. Establish Project Milestones & develop Resource Allocation Plans.
5. Coordinate with multi-functional teams related to the project.
6. Produce all Project Management Documentation & Budget Reports.
7. Measure Project Performance using Company Tools & Techniques.
8. Manage Team Engagement & Budget Awareness.
9. Implement new features & improve quality of Technical Projects
10. Provide Technical Knowledge of the assigned Team.
11. Conduct Client meetings with the Business Development Team.
12. Remain current on I.T. Trends & Advancements.
13. Assist with Problem Resolution for the end-user & customers.
14. Coordinate & report with higher management in the company.
15. Fulfill supervisory role for the Technical Department

Job Qualifications

1. Master’s Degree in Computer Sciences or Equivalent Education.
2. Minimum 08 Years of Experience in the Web Development.
3. Minimum 03 Years of Experience in Web Development Project Management.
4. Demonstratable Experience with languages such as PHP, Node JS & React JS.
5. Demonstratable Experience in Laravel, Ruby on Rails or Cake PHP.
6. Demonstratable Experience in Restful API.
7. Experience with deployment systems & AWS Services
8. Certifies Project Management Professional (PMP) with active status.
9. Experience and Knowledge of Git & GitHub.
10. Strong understanding of Development Methodologies.
11. Familiarity with implement E-commerce Solution will be beneficial.
12. Familiarity with Search Engine Optimization best practices will be beneficial.

Why Choose Us

1. Employee Empowerment.
2. Feed Back Rich Environment.
3. Work Life Balance.
4. Diverse Culture
5. Awesome Company Culture.
6. Learning & Teaching Opportunity
7. Health Care Plan & Coverage.
8. Paid Leaves & Floating Holidays.
9. Regular Increments
10. Monthly & Annual Activities.

Important Disclaimer

Oplox Tech (Pvt) Ltd. is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to any external factors. Merit will be the only consideration, along with candidate agreement on company policy.

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